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Questions & Answers:

Q: Is the SIEMANKO CAMPAIGN directed exclusively to users of Subaru cars?
A: Of course NOT! Dissociating ourselves from dangerous aggression in road traffic concerns all of its participants. In fact, each vehicle whose driver identifies himself with the message of the campaign can have the symbolic "Hand"?

Q: Can other companies be full participants in the campaign?
A: Absolutely. There are no obstacles.

Q: Does the above-mentioned also apply to other automotive companies, which are Subaru's competition?
A: It does. We encourage companies operating in the automotive industry to participate in the campaign - it's in their interest, to say brutally, to keep the greatest number of potential customers alive.

Q: What is the cost of participation in the campaign?
A: For customers - none. For companies - it depends entirely on them. There can be no cost by making a simple declaration of support. For active support, e.g. producing and distributing own "hands", the production and distribution will constitute the actual costs. Currently, production of one piece with a total edition of 15.000 costs PLN 0.27 groszys, while for 100.000 it is only approx. PLN 0.15 groszys.

Q: Does Subaru charge a fee for using the graphic symbol of the campaign or has a commission on orders for its production?
A: No. It would be contrary to the assumption. Production orders are placed directly at the manufacturer (without any mediation of Subaru, except for a one-time, free consent to the use of the logo by the XXX company).

Q: Can a web address of our own site be used under the symbol?
A: Yes, definitely.